Bible Reading Marathons

Bible Reading Marathons2015-02-07T10:00:01+11:00

 young man reading small bible

in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra

in association with National Day of Prayer & Fasting 2017

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to read the whole Bible from cover to cover in 72 hours

Bible Reading Marathons are not under any ministry name.
This is simply Christians uniting to read the whole Bible aloud
publicly in our towns and cities

Team leaders are needed to oversee a 3 hour block.
They then find 4-12 readers who can read for 15 mins each
(once or twice depending on the numbers in the team).
Could you be a team leader or reader?

Brisbane: from 24 February 6 pm – 27 February 6 pm
at Speakers’ Corner outside Parliament House
Marilyn Rowsome

Sydney: from 3 February at Johnson Monument
Robyn Butt

2016 Bible Reading Marathon Newcastle
Dianne Imison

Canberra: from 5 February 2 locations
Hilary Moroney

To receive help to initiate this in your region contact:
Robyn Butt

phone 02 94981106 or 04220448