Program Canberra

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Program Canberra

Click this to download or read: NDOP 2016 Prayer Guide for Canberra

Our key focus for the day is JESUS. The foundational focus of all National Days of Prayer and Fasting is revival and transformation for Australia. The themes for prayer are repentance, leadership and for people to find Christ in our nation.

The key areas we will concentrate on for one hour for each:

1. Adoration, Worship & Thanksgiving

The first session begins by welcoming the King of Kings and Lord of Lords into our gathering. Key Scripture: Psalm 24:7. We will say the Lord’s Prayer together: Matthew 6:9-18. Then we encourage the adults and children who are present to lead and set the pattern for the day.

2. Repentance & Revival

We will ask God to reveal specific areas to repent of personally, that the church needs to repent of and that we need to repent of on behalf of our nation.  It is important for us to walk in forgiveness. Prayer is always the starting point, and repentance the foundation. Key Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7:14                                                                                  

3. Australia’s Christian History & Heritage

To understand our Christian History and Heritage causes a faith to rise in us, that God will once again be Lord of people’s lives and that they will look to Him as the author and finisher of their faith. Australia’s secular society is moving it further and further away from God. We must pray that revival and transformation of our nation will take place so that we can live in peace and prosperity.
Key Scriptures: Psalm 112, Psalm 37

4. Praying for Leaders

We will pray for each of the leaders and those in authority in our nation. Included in our guide is a list of all the federal parliamentarians so that you can pray for them by name. Pray that all of our leaders will have a revelation of the love of God through Jesus Christ. We are also praying for our church leaders, including 300 key church leaders listed in the booklet.
Key scriptures:  Colossians 1:9-14; Ephesians 3:14-21; Isaiah 11:2-3 

5. National Unity Service

Key church leaders will lead us in repentance for disunity in the Australian Church.
Key scriptures: John 17

6. Revival and Transformation

Revival and transformation comes to hearts that are ready and consecrated and hungry for God. Hearts that delight themselves in the Lord and in His Word. We are praying for Australia to have an Acts Chapter 2 experience of a new wave of God’s Holy Spirit.
Key Scriptures: Acts 2; Psalm 80:18.

Thank you for praying for our nation of Australia!