Building the House of Prayer Summit

Building the House of Prayer Summit2016-12-16T08:04:46+11:00

The historic Building the House of Prayer Summit was held in Wollongong from 10AM – 10PM on 7 December 2016. The Prayer Summit had input from well-known Australian Prayer Leaders like Sue Tinworth  Prayer Leader from Melbourne, Mellissa Haigh Pastor & Prayer Leader from Cairns and Warwick Marsh Prayer & Family Leader from Wollongong. The feature speaker at the Prayer Summit was  Dr Jason Hubbard a Pastor, Bible Teacher & Prayer Leader from the USA.

After a decade of Pastoral ministry Dr Jason Hubbard established the 24–7  Light of the World Prayer Center in Bellingham USA. It has been built with similar values to the Moravians to create a dwelling place for the Lord in the city where people gather to connect, pray and worship night and day. Jason Hubbard’s personal mission statement is to be an “extravagant worshiper of God, an anointed deliverer of men and a Godly husband and father.” He has been married 23 years, with 3 children.

During the Summit Jason shares the extraordinary story of church growth and community transformation wrought through unified night and day prayer in his city. Please check out the 9 teaching Sessions from the Summit which can be found below or at the ACvalues YouTube channel.