Day 22 – The Renewal of Creation

Day 22 – The Renewal of Creation

Billion Days 22Devotional for Day 22 – 27 August 2013

Lynne Bartholomew, Southampton Vineyard Church, United Kingdom

IntentionIn the beginning God made the heavens, the earth and people. He made everything beautiful.  He was and is delighted with what he has made.

ScriptureA voice crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.  Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and hill be made low, the uneven ground shall become level and the rough places a plain.  Then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed (Isaiah 40:3-5 NRSV).

ReflectionWhen God created the world His intention was clear.  It was to be filled with people who would tend and care for the glorious diversity of nature.  Humbly and willingly serving our Maker in this way all would live in peace with Him and each other.

How far we have strayed.  Made so beautiful in His image we have torn down His forests, tainted His refreshing atmosphere and polluted His seas and rivers. Yet all this pales into insignificance at what has happened to our souls and minds.   The dirt of this fallen world has filled the hearts of His people, blinding us to His will, causing greed, corruption and selfishness.  Instead of beauty we see injustice, poverty, slavery, and lawlessness. The grace and joy of life is stained with the grime of our sin.

Yet He loves us with an unending, caring devotion.  The LORD has not given up on this world or its people and neither should we.  What He began in creation He will bring to completion.  He longs to forgive, renew our hearts and minds and bring us into His will.  How joyful He will be when we are all working together to bring into being the kingdom that was His original intention for the world.

PrayerMighty and wonderful God, we have fallen so far and failed so pitifully.  Forgive us we pray about the part we have played in allowing this beautiful world to sink so low.  Forgive us for the unborn lives lost through abortion, the pure lives crippled by abuse, the honest lives warped by corruption, the healthy lives ruined by drugs.  Forgive us for the poverty, starvation, death and decay we see all around us.  May we become instrumental in bringing renewal to the world.   We ask this, oh Lord not because we are good, but because you are faithful.  Amen.

[Blogger’s Comment: There is much to think about and repent of in today’s devotion by Lynne who has worked with CAP UK (Christians Against Poverty) to give assistance to those struggling with debt.

Today I want to invite you to participate in a teleconference tomorrow of different leaders around the world who have been behind the Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call. This is the means by which leaders have been meeting to discern God’s will for calling this global 40 days of prayer, fasting and repentance and .  It will be a time to share stories, encourage each other at this half way mark, and pray together as we move towards the culmination in the International Day of Repentance on 14 September. We would like to invite anyone journeying with us through these devotions to listen in through the phone, Skype or web. Here are the details Teleconference Midway August  MR]

Continue in prayer using the 4 prayer points above as the Lord leads you.

  1. Pray for a worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit for revival and transformation of the nations of the world.
  2. Pray for a billion people to find Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
  3. Pray for an end to abortion and for God to turn back the tide of death and immorality that is sweeping the nations of the world.
  4. Pray for a multiplication of prayer, praise and worship to God across the world as never before, to bring great glory to God.