Thank you from the team

You have been part of a global prayer movement over the last two months. We thank you for journeying with us as

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Day 40 – A Radiant Church

International Day of Repentance Devotional for Day 40 – 14 Sept 2013 Pastor Jeffrey Daly, National Day of Repentance Intention: I

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International Day of Repentance

This is a special week, part of the "ten days of awe" in the Hebrew tradition. It leads up to the next

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Day 38 – Grief…Prayer…Action

Devotional for Day 38 – 12 Sept 2013 Warwick Marsh, National Day of Prayer and Fasting, Australia or go to Warwick’s

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Day 37 – Children Can Hear the Voice of God

Devotional for Day 37 – 11 Sept 2013 John Robb, International Prayer Council and Children in Prayer movement 11 September marks

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Day 36 – That They May Hear

Devotional for Day 36 – 10 Sept 2013 Liz Adleta, Ethne Movement Prayer Workgroup Facilitator Intention: Over 1.8 billion people or 27.9%

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Day 34 – Be a Believing Believer!

Devotional for Day 34 – 8 Sept 2013 Ian Cole, World Prayer Centre, Birmingham, England Intention: To ask for God’s help in

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Day 33 – Turn Back to God

Devotional for Day 33 – 7 Sept 2013 Pastor Kennedy Lokote from Malawi, Glory House Revival Church, England Intention: We need to

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Day 31 – Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

Devotional for Day 31 – 5 Sept 2013 Pastor Daniel Ko, Suwon Hana Baptist Church, South Korea Intention: God can choose to

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Day 30 – Value Every Person

Devotional for Day 30 – 4 Sept 2013 Carlos Scott, Mision GloCal, Argentina Past President of COMIBAM International and continuing member of

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