International Day of Repentance

International Day of Repentance2013-06-20T16:34:18+10:00

6pm Friday 13th to 6pm Saturday 14th

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This is a special day, a culmination of the 40 days of prayer, fasting and repentance
in the Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call.
It is also Yom Kippur, a biblically mandated day of prayer, fasting and repentance.
We ask you to observe this day in any way you can
as an individual, as a family, with your friends and with your church community.

Use these two links to learn more.


Write one or more prayers of repentance regarding anything God is challenging you about in the comments below. Others across the globe can use these prayers as we cry out to God together. (Facebook users go here to get instructions on how to post your prayers there so that prayer can be multiplied around the world).

Go to Yom Kippur for more information about Israel’s Day of Atonement and its biblical fulfillment.

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