Day 6 – Pray, Fast, Repent!

Devotional for Day 6 – 11 August 2013 Marilyn Rowsome, Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call Team Intention: Prayer with fasting is an

Day 6 – Pray, Fast, Repent!2013-08-11T06:47:10+10:00

Day 5 – God’s Outpouring

Devotional for Day 5 - 10 August 2013 Ian Malins (Author of “Prepare the Way for Revival”) Omega Discipleship Ministries Intention: What

Day 5 – God’s Outpouring2013-08-10T09:09:37+10:00

Day 4 – The LORD, not idols

Devotional for Day 4 - 9 August 2013 Madukauwa David, Mozambique Today Pray for Mozambique finishes 40 days of prayer

Day 4 – The LORD, not idols2013-08-09T08:46:11+10:00

Day 2 – To Be Ready as His Bride

Devotional for Day 2 - 7 August 2013 Pastor Jeffrey Daly, National Day of Repentance, USA Intention: Every believer in Christ

Day 2 – To Be Ready as His Bride2013-08-07T16:47:29+10:00

Day 1 – Wake Up!

Devotional for Day 1 - 6 August, 2013  Candace Lahr, HOPE WA (House of Prayer for Everyone), Australia Intention: The world

Day 1 – Wake Up!2013-08-06T09:08:27+10:00

New Releases

Today you will find 3 new releases on our home page. 1. The Billion Souls Revival Prayer Guide with the devotions for

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A Prophetic Warning from NDR

This blog was released by the National Day of Repentance (NDR) on 20 June, 2013. It concerns the significance of the 25

A Prophetic Warning from NDR2013-07-16T06:02:42+10:00


As we prepare for the Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call starting 6th August, 2013, it is important that we think about the



1.   Pray for a worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit for revival and transformation of the nations of the world. 2.   Pray for a