Day 31 – Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

Devotional for Day 31 – 5 Sept 2013 Pastor Daniel Ko, Suwon Hana Baptist Church, South Korea Intention: God can choose to

Day 31 – Come Quickly Lord Jesus!2013-09-05T10:08:15+10:00

Day 19 – Enter God’s Rest

Devotional for Day 19 – 24 August 2013 Dave Butts, Harvest Prayer Ministries and America’s National Prayer Committee Intention: That we

Day 19 – Enter God’s Rest2013-08-24T08:11:09+10:00

Day 9 – Living Pure and Holy Lives

Devotional for Day 9 – 14 August, 2013 Robin J Johnson, Beyond Here, SE Asia Intention: To see a world where

Day 9 – Living Pure and Holy Lives2013-08-14T07:54:07+10:00

Day 6 – Pray, Fast, Repent!

Devotional for Day 6 – 11 August 2013 Marilyn Rowsome, Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call Team Intention: Prayer with fasting is an

Day 6 – Pray, Fast, Repent!2013-08-11T06:47:10+10:00

Day 1 – Wake Up!

Devotional for Day 1 - 6 August, 2013  Candace Lahr, HOPE WA (House of Prayer for Everyone), Australia Intention: The world

Day 1 – Wake Up!2013-08-06T09:08:27+10:00

New Releases

Today you will find 3 new releases on our home page. 1. The Billion Souls Revival Prayer Guide with the devotions for

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Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call

Welcome to the Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call. Thank you for registering your interest in participating in this unique opportunity to touch our

Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call2013-07-01T11:33:33+10:00


1.   Pray for a worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit for revival and transformation of the nations of the world. 2.   Pray for a