Strategy – New Year’s Sunrise Prayer Relay

Strategy – New Year’s Sunrise Prayer Relay2015-12-24T19:20:10+11:00
  • We suggest starting 15 minutes before sunrise and pray for around 30 minutes (or longer if the group want to) for your New Year’s Sunrise Prayer Relay Service. Use the listed prayer points  as a guide and read the New Year’s Prayer Declaration as the Sun comes up.
  • The main focus is to pray but you can sing or read scriptures as well. Worship, praise and thanksgiving are encouraged. What you do is up to you. You can even decide to have communion together. People can join in the prayer relay from anywhere even their home or abode but we do encourage people to go to high ground for example lookouts, headlands, hills, mountains, tall buildings or Iconic locations to pray and make a public declaration of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Part of the vision was a flame or light at each location to be lit at the beginning of the prayer session exactly 15 minutes before Sunrise. In certain areas it might be possible to use a maritime flare but we will need to be in compliance with any fire regulations and state laws so possibly torches, lanterns, legal pyrotechnics, glow sticks or something else to resemble light which is symbolic of, prayer, revival and Jesus the light of the world.
  • We encourage you to read  the declaration together as the Sun comes up which should be (ideally) right in the middle of the 30 Minute prayer service.
  • We suggest that someone becomes a coordinator for each location. This will most likely be the person who registers the location and gathers the people to pray. It is our goal to be in contact with the coordinator and they will be responsible for reading or choosing someone to read the declaration, lead in worship and lead the prayers. Please register your location with us so we can update you and keep your prayer group informed. ( We will do our best to keep in contact with you but remember we are a small team of volunteers and the interest in the Prayer Relay is growing exponentially) REGISTER HERE:
  • Please promote the New Year’s Sunrise Prayer Relay to your friends by sharing the YouTube Promo:
  • Our focus is to cover Australia with a wave of prayer at sunrise, however if other nations want to join the relay they are welcome to but their declaration and prayer points maybe different. If you are in another nation use the Global Declaration and customize the Declaration and prayer points for your region and nation. If you are overseas we would greatly appreciate if you would consider praying for Australia’s National Day of Prayer and Fasting on the 7th February 2016 and the subsequent 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting.
  • Take as many photos and videos as possible and share on Facebook, Instagram ( ) or other social media. This will help generate awareness for the New Year’s Sunrise Prayer Relay  for this year and in 2017.
  • A Facebook Page  has been set up to register each location and Facebook events will be set up so people can invite their friends.
  • We suggest that each group nominate one person to represent  the group on the New Year’s Sunrise Prayer Relay Tele Conference Call. This Teleconference call will only be relevant if you live in Australia.  It is hoped that each group will be able to input into the telephone conference even if only for a few minutes.  Record the Conference Call Phone number and code to log into the call. At the Prayer Service phone the number and punch in the code. Information here:
  • Please share the event with your churches, ministries, friends and families to help us make the New Year’s Sunrise Prayer Relay a success and glorify Jesus!