Global Day of Prayer

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This world-wide event is held on Pentecost Sunday every year (19th May, 2013).  It began in Capetown, South Africa in 2000.  Today it has spread to many countries with an estimated 26 million people praying.

But it is no longer a single event but a season of prayer for the world starting with 10 days of preparation before on Ascension Day (9th May) and continuing for 90 days of blessing afterwards making it a lifestyle of prayer.

Use these resources to help you to pray.

Resurrection Appearances of Jesus
His Next Appearing English poster
His Next Appearing Korean poster
His Next Appearing tract by David Rowsome

Global Day of Prayer 10-1-90 PP presentation by Marilyn Rowsome.
Global Day of Prayer 10-1-90 pdf file of PP presentation by Marilyn Rowsome.

Guidelines for Prayer
GDOP 10-Day-Prayer-Guide-2013 black & white
GDOP 10-Day-Prayer-Guide-2013-coloured graphics

Prayer to use on Pentecost Sunday  in various formats found at

GDOP 90-Day-Prayer-Guide