Day 37 – Children Can Hear the Voice of God

Day 37 – Children Can Hear the Voice of God

Billion Days 37Devotional for Day 37 – 11 Sept 2013

John Robb, International Prayer Council and Children in Prayer movement

11 September marks a special day in the USA. Today Christians across that nation will join together for two prayer events – the National Day of Prayer and Repentance and
Cry Out America. Let us offer special prayer for them today as they seek the Lord for their nation at this crucial time.

IntentionWe need to teach children to hear the voice of God so that they may change the spiritual climate in their families, in their schools and even in their nations.

Scripture“Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:14 NASB).

ReflectionWe know that it was the boy Samuel who clearly heard the voice of the Father, but it was Eli, the High Priest, who guided him in understanding and encouraged him in obedience.  Today parents, teachers and adults all carry the responsibility to provide opportunities and guidance for the next generation to grow in prayer and intimacy with God.

The church no longer needs to entertain this generation; they are crying out to be trained as worship leaders, intercessors and evangelists.

Teaching children to hear the voice of God is an important part of discipling this generation.  It takes discipline and practice but as they listen they begin to recognise their Father’s voice and learn to follow Him.  Obedience to God’s Word is a vital step in the preparation of a spiritual army and children are eager to ask forgiveness from their peers, to do acts of repentance and to change the spiritual climate in their schools, families and even their nations.

And the stories just keep on coming in from around the globe, as an ever increasing number of children join the most remarkable prayer awakening in the Church in recorded history. Could this be the “Third Great Awakening” taking place in our time?

Now it is our time to prepare the way, to make the path straight, to give this generation the support and encouragement they need to fulfil their God-given destiny.

PrayerOur Loving Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of children and all the love, joy and blessing they bring into our lives.  Forgive us for leaving them aside when we are too busy for them or underestimating their capacity to hear from you and be used by you for your holy plans and purposes in the world today. 

Thank you for the many children’s prayer movements that you have raised up around the world in these last days and how they are having a great impact for the Kingdom of God.  Help us to disciple the next generation even from their infancy and early childhood that they may learn how to hear your voice so that they may truly know you and be channels of your love to lost and dying world.  In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.

[Blogger’s Comment: John Robb, Chairman of the International Prayer Council, and a mobilizer of global prayer for many years, took time in his busy schedule to come on our second teleconference in preparation for this Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call. He challenged us to not forget the children and youth in our call to pray. We took this seriously and proposed a Facebook campaign that especially targeted 13-24 years old. The analysis as of Sunday 8th September shows that our 81% of our total reach of 5.2 million unique users has been those under 24 years old; 70% of our total 8211 likes and 88.5% of the 65,000 talking about the page or posts. Praise God for this. (We urgently need more funds to finish the campaign especially highlighting this Saturday’s important closing day, the International Day of Repentance. To help you can send a donation here.)

But we are also conscious that there was much more that could have been done to contact the existing Children Prayer Movements around the world. We trust that they have heard the prayer call through different networks and have been praying. If you know of any doing this or any stories of children listening to God and obeying, please write about this in the comments below. We will make sure John Robb receives these comments.

We are asked to offer special prayer for the USA today as they seek the Lord for their nation at this crucial time. This was written two months ago as my husband and I put together the devotional booklet with the prayer that the Lord would orchestrate everything. He certainly has. Today certainly is one in which we all need to pray for America’s national leaders as they deliberate about their response to the Syrian regime. An attack on Syria could change the whole world.

Therefore it is no coincidence that American Christian leaders for months have been calling Christians to pray, fast and repent at this time. Remember 11 September is the 12th anniversary of 9/11 which changed the world in which we live. I encourage you to watch this 2.46 min YouTube prayer call by Jonathan Cahn and then visit these websites.

  • National Day of Prayer and Repentance
    (Especially the Declaration and How-to-Guide. This is very good preparation for all of us for this Saturday’s International Day of Repentance to conclude the Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call.)
  • Cry Out America
    (Especially a recent News Update and a good article on Awakenings in America.)
  • Intercessors for America today are beginning 21 days of fasting and praying.
  • David’s Tent DC will have 40 days of continuous worship and praise in the national capital later in September.

May you gain inspiration and empowering for a prayer initiative in your own country! MR]

Continue in prayer using the 4 prayer points as the Lord leads you. 

  1. Pray for a worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit for revival and transformation of the nations of the world.
  2. Pray for a billion people to find Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
  3. Pray for an end to abortion and for God to turn back the tide of death and immorality that is sweeping the nations of the world.
  4. Pray for a multiplication of prayer, praise and worship to God across the world as never before, to bring great glory to God.