The Australia we live to See – 15 Point Policy Plan

The Australia we live to See – 15 Point Policy Plan2011-11-25T23:15:44+11:00

1. Marriage is the foundation of families, and families are the foundation of our nation. Successful marriage commitment between a man and a woman is the key ingredient to a prosperous Australia. The procreative purpose of marriage is to produce children, even though not all marriages produce children. Warm,loving marriages provide optimum conditions for raising and protecting children. Children are the future of our nation. Marriage protects children; therefore marriage is a social good and is therefore worthy of special treatment and protection.

Marriage between a man and woman, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life, must therefore be protected, honoured and advantaged by government over all other relationships.

2. The natural family, founded by the marriage of a man and a woman to each other needs the active protection and support of government. Social science research shows that the natural family, made up of a married mother and father is the best environment to raise healthy, well adjusted children. The natural family is the best social security system the world has ever known. Therefore the natural family should be protected, honoured and advantaged in all government policy.

3. The best way to support and strengthen children is to support and equip mothers and fathers in their important role as parents. When the word parenting is being defined in government policy it should be emphasised that this word means both mothering and fathering as each parent’s gender plays a vital and unique role in every child’s development. Gender does matter. Children need a mother and father. That is why the biological birthright of a child to a mother and father should be enshrined in law and protected by parliamentary and government policy.

4. Henry Parkes, founding father of our nation, said of Australia, “We are pre-eminently a Christian people, as our laws, our whole system of jurisprudence, our constitution … are based upon and interwoven with our Christian beliefs.” Therefore we call upon our government and leaders of our nation to no longer be ashamed of our nation’s democratic and Christian heritage and history, but celebrate the fact that we as a nation are still able to “humbly rely on the blessings of Almighty God” as it says in our constitution.Therefore we request that all our parliaments, councils and public meetings continue to open with prayer and thanksgiving to our Father in heaven as is articulated in our constitution. We also request that the faith of our founding fathers continue to be taught in our schools, both public and private and that the important work that Christian churches and faith-based charities do in our society be both encouraged and supported by government and the community in every way possible. Our national curriculum should not hide the truth of our Christian heritage and history.

5. We encourage our government and parliament to continue to operate with the high ethics and integrity that comes from our Judeo-Christian Westminster system of government. Australia has a democratic and Christian heritage of government operation and this should be celebrated at every opportunity with open invitation for all to join with us in the celebration. The rights of those who do not want to celebrate our democratic and Christian heritage as a nation should be respected at all times but this should in no way discourage or dampen those celebrations of our Christian heritage, because wisdom is proved right by her children.It should be recognised that all the ministerial roles of government i.e. Minister for Finance, Minister for Education, etc, have taken that title from those who are ministers of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and are therefore charged with a much higher level of public accountability, self sacrifice, ethics and integrity than the average citizen. It is the same for those who work on behalf of the government in the public service. Those who choose to accept this calling should be happy to work as public servants for the common good knowing that the same high level of accountability, self sacrifice, ethics and integrity is foundational to their success as public servants working on behalf of the government and the people of Australia.

It should also be noted that the inspiration for our government welfare system has taken its inspiration from the public administration of Christian charity by private individuals and groups, and should be administered in the same spirit of Christian compassion and fairness that was originally intended with the proper balance of governmental fiscal accountability.

The principal role of government is to govern the affairs of the nation within the borders of Australia on behalf of the people of Australia but it is also recognised that the government of Australia has an important role to represent our nation to the world on behalf of the people of Australia. It is necessary for the government to protect our national borders in the best interest of the Australian people and execute and formulate foreign policy in a fair and just manner.

It should be noted that the government should act in compassion to those nations and peoples of the world that are less fortunate but at all times maintain a proper balance of governmental fiscal accountability for the best interests of our nation as a whole.

6. The judiciary should be encouraged to operate as the important and independent third arm of stable government with positive and supporting law enforcement agencies sworn to uphold a fair and just society which has been founded on the high ethics of our Judeo-Christian tradition and associated freedoms.

7. The indigenous peoples of Australia should be treated with the respect and honour they deserve under the law of the land and should be recognised in the constitution by a referendum of the people of Australia at the earliest opportunity.

8. The charitable sector should be recognised and encouraged for the important contribution they make to Australian society and the world. It should be pointed out and applauded that the great majority of the largest and most effective Australian charities working both in Australia and overseas have a faith-based inspiration.The role of faith as an inspiration for good works should be applauded by government and not restricted or hampered in any way. Faith and non faith charities should be treated with equal honour and respect and allowed to flourish with the full freedom of conscience that they require to execute their good work, both in Australia and around the world.

9. Human life is precious and therefore Australia’s Health System should be supported and resourced by government and the general community in every way possible to preserve and maintain the health and wellbeing of human beings. The principles behind the Hippocratic Oath should continue to be the foundation for the practice of modern medicine with the first principles being to do no harm. Health is a foundational human right as is the right to life because every human being is a sovereign being of inestimable value and worth. Therefore respect for life from conception to natural death should be enshrined in law and public policy.Our model of health care must be people focused and at all times positive and preventative. Because prevention is better than cure and education is vital. Knowledge is a source of health when people are empowered to help themselves and help others. The health system should always be based on a co-operative model with a focus on maximum sustainability with the proper balance between health and wellbeing. The social determinants of health should always be addressed as a priority because of the huge cost savings they present for government policy and expenditure.

10. Education should receive the full support of government and the broader community because knowledge is powerful. A strong education system that is built on sound moral values is the backbone of the nation. The higher level of ethics found in Australia compared with other countries is because of our strong Judeo-Christian ethical tradition. Wisdom is the combination of ethics and knowledge taught in a balanced way. Education is not an end in itself but rather a means towards an end. True wisdom is the development of a healthy, prosperous and ethical society that treasures the pursuit of truth and knowledge.Australia’s education system should be focused more on developing practical outcomes and work more closely with businesses and the general community to produce young men and women who have strong vocational skills and are able to work and succeed in the real world. The school system too should work with parents more and the broader community to support good morals, character training and values that are the foundation of a great nation. Only such broad community cooperation between academics and employers, parents and teachers will produce a true education revolution that is needed to propel Australia into the 21st century.

11. The strength of Australian economy is built on the foundation of high levels of ethics and integrity combined with a willingness to work hard. These foundational qualities are found in Australia’s pioneering forefathers who built this nation on Judeo-Christian values. Another factor in a successful national economy is the ability to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in the youth of the nation and provide financial assistance from within the banking and financial services to young entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business for themselves. This should be core government policy.The government role is to regulate and encourage a sound banking and financial service without being too intrusive. The priority of government should be a well-balanced free enterprise system that is able to operate to maximum efficiency with the highest level of ethics, accountability and integrity including a fair workplace relations framework. The government’s tax revenue is dependant on a strong free enterprise system working at full capacity so this should always be a high priority in government policy with a minimum of red tape and government interference.

Australia’s resources which include our mineral wealth, agricultural wealth, fisheries, forestry, foreign trade and natural resources, including water, should be managed wisely and in a balanced and sustainable manner. To that end our infrastructure, transport, research and development, energy industries, tourism industries and financial services sectors need sound government policy frameworks to work in that are responsive to the needs of the business and investment community.

Regional development and decentralisation should always be a priority of government policy as will government support of a business friendly education system that fosters entrepreneurial skills and sound business development in all of its students.

The success of the Australian economy therefore is a synergistic partnership between both government and non-government stakeholders that should be encouraged by government and the broader community at all times.

12. Australia has an international reputation as a smart, creative and innovative nation. These skills should be fostered in the arts, music and media world as well as the scientific and digital domains. New discoveries and inventions should be encouraged and supported with both financial investment of government and private industry.

13. The rapid growth of digital media and the web alongside more traditional forms of media like the printed page, radio, telephony and TV have brought new ethical challenges to our society. It is important for the government whilst preserving free speech to also protect the future of our nation which is our children. The highly sexualised and exploitive nature of modern media is creating a moral wasteland in our community. Families are failing as a result and our interpersonal relationships are suffering.

The government should not be afraid to restrict unethical media content from either new media or traditional media as by doing so they help protect the future of our nation, the children and the families of Australia.

14. Australia is a beautiful and relatively unspoilt country. It should be the priority of government to foster development for the sake of the prosperity of all Australia balanced against sustainable and wise development policies that preserve the beauty of God’s creation for future generations.

15.The role of government is to also protect Australia’s sovereignty. The price of safety is eternal vigilance hence the need for a modern, well-trained and well-equipped army, navy and air force. It is the government’s role to protect the nation by wise management and investment in Australia’s armed forces. It is the people’s role to honour and respect those men and women who have committed themselves to this noble cause and support them in every way possible.

It is the armed forces role to not forget the deep need for even higher levels of ethics and integrity in the administration and deployment of our armed forces, whether in times of war or times of peace. Therefore it is critical for the armed forces to remember and promote the long tradition of Christian chaplaincy and the Judeo-Christian heritage that is the high ethical framework of values upon which Australia’s armed forces were built.

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