Trust in the Lord with all your heart
   and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
   and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6

(Continued from Day 22)
God’s ways are the best ways, even if we don’t like them, even if we don’t understand them. The fact is, we’re not God, and whenever we pretend that we know better than him, all we do is make things worse.”
Sarah nods a little, then brightens up.
Hey, I know a memory verse about that! ‘Trust in the… Lord? With all your heart, and don’t lean on your own understanding; in all the ways submit to him, and he will make our road straight!'”
She beams with pride at her grandparents, who laugh and hug her close.
That’s right darling. We need to trust in God, and in his ways. Why don’t you go and play while grandma and I talk a little?”
Okay granddad! Love you both.”
And we love you too.”
After the young girl wanders out to the toy room, Eric turns to Betty and smiles sadly.
“Don‘t children have a wonderful way of making things clear?”
They do, but what do you mean?”
unnamed (6)
Remember Barry’s last email? He said he’s engaged to get married to his boyfriend, and he wants us to support him in it. We’ve been agonising over what to do.”
He’s our son, Eric!”
Yes, but God is God. We wouldn’t let any of the children stay in our home in the same room as their partner if they weren’t married, could we let Barry share a room with his partner? Would we let any of the children come into the home and drink until they’re drunk? Or do drugs? Or abuse their partner? Or lie to us or one another?”
Well, no…”
And why not?”
Because we love them. We love them too much to allow or encourage them to hurt themselves or others.”
I know Barry will be upset. I know that many people will be upset by our choice. But if we’re serious about our faith, then we need to love Barry too much to give up on him, just like God loves us too much to give up on us.
Barry will always be our son, but as long as he is willing to choose something else, anything else over a relationship with God, we won’t agree on his choices, and we can’t condone them. I won’t smile while my son condemns himself.
God’s way is the only way. I have to submit to him in this. This is my struggle, our struggle, but let’s continue to love him nonetheless.”
Heavenly Father,
We thank you that you make our paths straight when we trust in you, rather than ourselves.
We repent of the desire to take the easy road, the road that leads to acceptance of sin and a refusal to share the gospel in the face of persecution and judgment.
May the Holy Spirit reveal to our nation that God’s way is best, and that trusting in him is the only way to a life that matters.
In Jesus‘ name,

Devotionals written by Ben & Thea Pratt with editorial assistance by
Warwick Marsh & David Rowsome from Canberra Declaration with thanks for input and advice from an interdenominational editorial team. The team at the Canberra Declaration also thank the team at the National Day of Prayer & Fasting for their kind assistance

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